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2-cycle 20441
 Hand Push Recycler

Toro 2-cycle 20441 Specifications
Engine Toro 
Horsepower 4.5

Starter Recoil
Drive System Hand Push
Deck Material Steel
Mulch Standard
 Warranty 2-Year
Approx. Mower Weight 70 lbs
Questions on this 2-cycle Toro?

We found some Rare Older
Toro 20441
 Hand Push Recycler

Call us if you need one, they are
very rare and 2-cycles are getting
very hard to find

These Toro Lawnmowers are New and Unused from old dealer stock
They were Popular In their time and are not
availible new except  the ones we have found
They are rare and we don't have many
call if you would like one

Toro 20018 personal pace lawnmower toro personal pace mower toro mower


 Hand Push Recycler

Vermont Toro Model 20441 2-Cycle Hand Push Recycler Lawnmower

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We have Sold Out of
2-cycle Lawn Mowers
 in Lawn-Boy & Toro

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We have Sold Out of
2-cycle Lawn Mowers

 in Lawn-Boy , Toro
Troy-Bilt & White

The 2-cycle
Toro 20441 Hand Push Recycler Lawnmowers
have a 21" steel Recycler deck. The 2-cycle engine is actually a Lawn-Boy
V-series engine (Toro for those that don't know it bought Lawn-Boy in 1989)

These Toro Lawn-Boy V-Engines have been for the most part reliable.
Most of the ones that we have sold have lasted longer that their chassis.

The Biggest problem we have found is they are susceptible to dirt that
comes in the gas you buy.....it seems to accumulate in the carburetor and we have had
to clean more than our fair share......If you use a funnel with a fine mesh
screen the problem seems to go away.

It is getting hard to find 2-cycle lawnmowers and if you have steep hill to mow
they may be the only practicle option as a 4-cycle tends to blow up if run on
 a steep incline for any length of time.

We do not have many of these Rare Older 2-cycle Toro 20441 Hand Push Recycler  Lawnmowers.
If you want one stop in or call us soon.

Sold Out
Unless otherwise noted, We keep all these
Toro Commercial Lawnmowers on hand

We also have Toro Lawntractors, Toro Garden Tractors,
Toro Z-Masters and Toro
TimeCutters in Stock

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