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26" Brush Hog Attachment

BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment Specifications
26" Brush Hog 
Minimum HP

26" Brush Hog 
Tractor Size
26" Brush Hog
Cutting Width

26" Brush Hog
Shield Width
26" Brush Hog
26" Brush Hog
Overall Length
26" Brush Hog
26" Brush Hog
Maximum Cutting
26" Brush Hog
Maximum Cutting
26" Brush Hog
125 LBS
26" Brush Hog
# of
Height settings
26" Brush Hog

Swinging Blades
2  Extra
Swinging Blades
Reversable Swinging
Replaceable Swinging
Front Deflector
Questions on the BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment? 
Come in and see for yourself
the Commercial  BCS
26" Brush Hog

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26" Brush Hog Attachment

Vt 26" Brush Hog for BCS tractors
The BCS 26" Brush Hog Works Like a Mower, But
Can Cut Tall Weeds/Grass and up to 1" Brush
(not recommended for lawns as the skids leave marks)

The BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment
is On Sale!

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26" Brush Hog
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 in BCS & Troy-Bilt

The BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment is another useful tool that makes your BCS Tractor that much more Versatile

The BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment looks a bit like a Square Lawnmower without wheels or a side chute..
The BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment Blades spin attached to a round disk that acts as both a flywheel and a pivot point.
The BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment blades are free swinging off this "flywheel" and can swing back as needed when
they hit a large object. The BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment is built very much like a tractor mounted 3-point hitch brush hog
only in a more compact size. The skids on the BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment are adjustable allowing you to raise
or lower the cutting height as needed.
when cutting brush with the BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment a lot of material will fly out the front and off to the side.
The remainder of the  chopped up material will drop out the back of the BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment.
The BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment is excellent for maintaining areas that are rough and inaccessible to larger Brushhogs
The BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment works well on steeper slopes as it has an exceptionally low center of gravity,
By adding wheel extensions to the tractor you can make the BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment even more stable allowing
access to areas to steep for other types of Brush Cutting Equipment. If you have a lot of land that is growing up and
you want to keep the Brush Cut back then the BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment is an versatile and economical choice.
The BCS 26" Brush Hog Attachment is not recommended for lawns as the skids leave marks....Unless you
only cut your lawn a couple times a year!!!

BCS tractors are all gear driven, have ball bearings supporting all transmission and wheel shafts, have a heavy duty cone clutch and a low center of gravity.  These machines are designed and built the way an industrial machinist would design and build one for his or her own use.  The superior design and construction of BCS machines cost no more than machines intended for the same uses but that actually are designed and built for only occasional use.  BCS gives you agricultural equipment with superior performance and construction rather than home owner equipment with compromised performance and construction.

In Europe many farms are small in size and intensively cultivated by walk behind two-wheel tractors that perform many tasks.  This is where the BCS Gardening Equipment was developed and is where the equipment we sell is manufactured.  The BCS two-wheeled tractors with attachments perform a variety of tasks.

• Rototilling, Cultivating and Power Composting  •  Field Mowing with Sickle bar or Brush Mowers
 • Lawn Mowing  • Shredding and Chipping of Debris  •  Light Grading  •  Snow Removal 
 •  Hauling Materials and Harvest Crops

The BCS Equipment System is capable of performing all these tasks.  BCS performs these tasks very capably because the equipment is designed for agriculture use, not for the occasional use by one who needs the equipment only a couple of hours a year.  Likewise the equipment is more durable and long lasting than the less rugged equipment produced for the occasional user by US manufacturers.

A few of the reasons BCS is so much a better choice
 in Gardening Equipment

Faster Tine Speed
BCS Tillers have a tine speed that is 50% faster than other tillers which produces the finest soil
that you can find. This means strong, healthy plants.

Auto Style Clutch
Belts rob engine power and a short life; that is why BCS uses an automotive style clutch. Our clutch delivers more power to the tiller
 and lasts a Long, Long Time.

Once you are done using the "Best Tiller On Earth," you can then turn your BCS tractor into a number of different machines by using a selection of our front attachments.

No-Time-Limit Warranty
The BCS transmission is so rugged that we back it up with a No-Time-Limit warranty. This covers all parts in the transmission that touch oil, including seals.

Ideal Forward Speeds
The BCS tractor is designed to provide ideal forward speeds for your gardening needs. With three forward speeds you can get any job done at just the right speed.

Instant Reverse*
When reverse is needed the BCS Tiller has an instant reverse that is geared,
 so you can engage reverse quickly and still keep both hands on the handlebars.

*not available on the 710 or 710E

Ring and Pinion Gearbox
BCS uses a Ring and Pinion in our Tiller Gearbox. This is stronger than the worm gear or chain case that the competition uses. You can put your BCS Tiller through very tough conditions without fear of breakage.

Variable Width Tilling
BCS offers a 26" tiller box that when needed, can be reduced to a 20" tiller. This allows you to have a large 26" tiller that can be narrowed to get between the rows. It is like getting two tillers in one.

Exclusive planar wedge design

With our planer wedge design, BCS Rototillers till 100% of
the width of the tiller.......No untilled center strip

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